Stopped in at the Koffler Centre on my way out of Artscape Youngplace this afternoon: Penelope Stewart’s cast beeswax installation is up until August 31st!

Today at Artscape: repurposing an old bookwork, and working away at some show proposals!

This morning I found some deadstock bindis I made awhile ago… already packaged and ready for Zine Dream 2014! If you’re interested in dropping by, here’s the link to the facebook event.

A few more experiments for Magnum Opus.

Plus, I’ve put some new pieces up at - check it out!

Had a home studio day with Sabine Spare yesterday, and worked on some digital collages. Plus, check out Sabine’s cool experiments with reflective particles!

Today at Artscape: a little of this, a little of that.

Cutting, sorting, and planning for future collages, and a brief visit to Paperhouse Studio, where Emily showed me some beautiful metallic abaca petals they recently made. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo, but here’s one (of some similar - but not metallic - petals) from their Instagram!

Working things out!

We’ve come full circle, so it’s time for a little reveal! Part of the work in progress, Magnum Opus.

Today at Artscape: sketching and photoshopping! An ideation sketch for my work in progress, Magnum Opus, plus DOT zine, some scrawled thoughts, empty speech bubbles, and the beginnings of an I-Spy.

Today at Artscape: collage and zine prep!

Opaque  by  andbamnan