More prep for Zine Dream today.

Plus, I found a stash of old business cards: check out the past!

Paper prep yesterday, and packaging today… these little collages can’t wait to go home with you! Pick one up at Zine Dream on August 10th :)

Hip hip hooray: Miles Ingrassia and I have been accepted as participating artists for Come Up To My Room 2015! We will be creating an installation in the windows of the Melody Bar, and we are looking for your assistance! 

Do you drink liquids that come in plastic bottles? Then you can help.

A large part of our installation will be made from recycled pop and water bottles. We are especially looking for cylindrical coloured plastic bottles, but clear bottles (and unusually shaped ones) may also be incorporated.

Please contact me if you would like to arrange to donate your empties, and thank you, in advance, for your help!

Two 2012 bookworks, Lessons, and Repeat (pictured here with an old embroidered piece, Sweet Nothing, and the 2011 zine I’m Not in Love).

Lessons was hand drawn and screen printed on cotton rag tracing paper, and has digitally printed trompe l’oeil covers. Repeat is a collaboration with Sabine Spare, containing both poems and drawings. Both are hand bound.

These works will all be available for purchase at Zine Dream 7, on August 10th, 2014.

Spent some time yesterday working to repurpose some collages from an old bookwork - these will be available for purchase on August 10th, at Zine Dream 7!

Stopped in at the Koffler Centre on my way out of Artscape Youngplace this afternoon: Penelope Stewart’s cast beeswax installation is up until August 31st!

Today at Artscape: repurposing an old bookwork, and working away at some show proposals!

This morning I found some deadstock bindis I made awhile ago… already packaged and ready for Zine Dream 2014! If you’re interested in dropping by, here’s the link to the facebook event.

A few more experiments for Magnum Opus.

Plus, I’ve put some new pieces up at - check it out!

Had a home studio day with Sabine Spare yesterday, and worked on some digital collages. Plus, check out Sabine’s cool experiments with reflective particles!

Opaque  by  andbamnan