Awesome found objects: pennies that came in contact with battery acid

A new experiment for Magnum Opus

Spent yesterday taking some more professional-looking photographs of my recent food collages, as well as some older works. 

Somewhat relatedly, check out this very educational video from the OAC!

All set for Zine Dream! See you at The Tranzac, 12-5pm!


Stop by and visit, from 12-5pm at The Tranzac!
Miles Ingrassia and I will have buttons, collages, t-shirts, zines and more.

N.B. Through Square, we will both be able to accept credit cards for larger purchases. However, most vendors at the fair will only be able to take cash. So come prepared!

See you there :)

Strange new materials 2

Strange new materials

Something a little different: two text-based ideas I’ve been developing over the last few months. A series of list-based pieces (currently untitled), and a language exploration project, Every un- word.

Miles Ingrassia and I made 130 weird and wonderful buttons last night! 

$2 each, 3-for-$5, and 6-for-$10 at Zine Dream!

This week: sewing together the existing pieces of Magnum Opus. It’s not done yet though! Stay tuned.

Opaque  by  andbamnan