Today in the studio: figuring things out in pink sparkly gel pen!

A few updates on Magnum Opus :)

In other news, you can now also find me on Instagram, if that’s your preferred medium of following!

A little progress report on my ongoing collaboration with Miles Ingrassia: washing (and examining) some pop bottle holders in preparation for our installation at CUTMR 2015!

I thought I would also share some of the preliminary experiments I’ve been doing, in working toward my collaboration with Miles Ingrassia for Come Up To My Room 2015. We’ve only just begun to dig in, but there will be lots more to come.

If you have any nicely-coloured plastic bottles kicking around that are destined for the recycling, please give me a shout instead!

Planning sketches (ft. lube…) and some newly-sewn accent pieces, all for Magnum Opus

Awesome found objects: pennies that came in contact with battery acid

A new experiment for Magnum Opus

Spent yesterday taking some more professional-looking photographs of my recent food collages, as well as some older works. 

Somewhat relatedly, check out this very educational video from the OAC!

All set for Zine Dream! See you at The Tranzac, 12-5pm!
Opaque  by  andbamnan